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A metal roof is the perfect commercial roofing option for your business. They are durable, long lasting and fire resistant. We provide commercial metal roofing and flat roofing services for Windsor Ontario.

Commercial Metal Roofing Windsor Ontario
Commercial Metal Roofing Windsor Ontario



If you own a commercial property, you know how difficult the upkeep is. To save you money and protect your business, metal roofing alternatives may be the best choice for your property, whether it is industrial (warehouse), commercial (office building), or commercial residential (apartment building).

The quality of roof directly correlates to the safety and longevity of any industrial building. For this reason, our commercial roofing contractors only use durable custom metal material for the roofing on industrial facilities, which ensures the strength and stability of the entire building for over 50 years.

Metal Roofing Windsor has been serving the Windsor area with commercial metal roof installation for decades. Our clients are always confident in our quality of work and we stand behind all of our projects. Business owners already have a lot on their minds; roof damage and leaks shouldn't be added to the plate. It's essential to have a reliable and secure roof over your business. Trust our commercial roofers to give you that peace of mind. Call us today if you have any questions or would like a free estimate for your commercial roofing project.



When it comes to commercial roofing, Metal Roofing Windsor offers many services. From roof installation to repairs and maintenance, our team does it all! Contact us today will any questions or inquiries.

Re-RoofingNobody wants to run the risk of a roof collapse. When your commercial metal roof shows signs of damage, it's time you consider getting a roof replacement. Reroofing can keep your commercial building watertight, protect it from the elements, and provide a safe environment for your clients and employees. If regular repairs and maintenance aren't working, a reroof is the best way to restore your roof to excellent condition and make it easier to manage.

Roof RepairOur team provide extensive commercial roof repair services for Windsor and all surrounding areas. When it comes to roof repair, our experienced commercial and industrial roofers will do an advanced, full roof inspection to determine the need for repair. If you need emergency roof leak repairs, our company is available all year round.

Flat RoofingMetal Roofing Windsor is among the most reputable commercial flat roofing companies who offers flat roofing services in Windsor. Flat roofing is not one size fits all; each project is unique and requires different flat roofing techniques. We can always help you make the best choice in line with your structure, budget, and preferences.

Commercial RoofingMetal Roofing Windsor provides commercial roof installations for both large and small projects in Winsdor Ontario. We value your property and business highly. We want to assist you in finding an effective solution for your flat roof so that you can focus on more important tasks. We are your one-stop shop in Windsor for all of your flat roofing needs!

Roof MaintenanceRegular maintenance ensures that your roofing system performs efficiently and lasts as long as possible. Metal Roofing Windsor provides expert roof maintenance services to keep your roof in good shape all year. Our roofing experts can quickly identify a problem and provide solutions that will restore your roof's safety and performance.


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Nowadays, most commercial buildings don't have attics or other unfinished space between the roof and the interior workstations. Warm air rises from work areas and escapes through old, poorly insulated roofs which creates significant energy losses and higher winter heating costs. 

The insulating capabilities of a metal roof far outweigh any other type of commercial roofing. When commercial metal roofing is installed, the panels overlap each other on top of a sturdy plywood deck. A pocket of air is formed between the boards, adding an additional layer of insulation to the structure. This stops cool air from escaping commercial buildings in the summer and prevents heat from escaping in the winter.


commercial metal roof is excellent for ensuring your property's safety and security. With minor damage, a metal roof can withstand decades of extreme weather conditions such as hail, high winds, and heavy snow. It effectively seals moisture, guards against mold and mildew as well as makes snow removal easier. This means you'll save money by lowering your maintenance and upkeep expenses.

Because a metal roof is non-flammable, it protects your building against lightning and striking threats. Many insurers give premium discounts for buildings with metal roofs because of their durability, lifespan, and fire resistance.


When comparing commercial roofing to residential metal roofing, there are a few distinct, fundamental differences. Commercial buildings are usually much larger than residential structures, and their roofs are mostly flat rather than pitched and gabled. The scope of work needed for commercial roofing services is a lot larger compared to residential metal roofing.

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